SaaS UX (User Experience) aka Why I Broke Up With Pandora

Pandora Logo SaaS UX

Every week for over 7 years I’ve gone to the same store and bought a cup of coffee. Over 364 times, same store, same cashier, same cup of coffee. One day I reach into my pocket to grab my wallet like I’ve done 364 times before, and lo and behold my wallet was gone. At some point my pocket had been picked … Read More

Featured on Startup Nation’s “Common Sense Marketing Tips” Series

My comments were featured in Startup Nation’s “Common Sense Marketing Tips” Series. Mine were the first three of 86 Common Sense Marketing Tips for Startups. My comments were: 1. Be engaging and responsive – whether in person, on the phone or through social media, enable customers and fans to talk about you by talking to them. 2. Use video! – … Read More

PF Changs vs Red Door Spa

Otherwise known as a tale of two business mentalities. About a month or so ago, it was Bridget’s (my wife) birthday. So I set up a little dinner with some family and friends at the local PF Changs and then set her and some of her friends up with a day at the spa at the Red Door Spa. Both … Read More

Going GSA? Consider going global.

With the passing of the bailout, TARP, a lot of people are talking about what a great time it is to get on the GSA schedule.  And while the inner workings of government contracts are by no means a specialty of mine, I will say in the short term there is some money to be […]

Guitar Hero vs Rock Band

So Guitar Hero started it all off.  Then Rock Band kicked it up several notches.  Now they both have all the same technology involved.  Although for some stupid reason Guitar Hero won’t be compatable with all the Rock Band equipment, but Rock Band will work with Guitar Hero instruments.  Doesn’t seem like a good way […]

5 of the Dumbest “Web 2.0″ Start Ups Yet To Exist

I was at an event not to long ago when I was approached by some guys with a local tech start-up. The idea they have is great, a very creative and intelligent way to move information socially. What it seems like they, and many others, are struggling with is the concept of taking […]

Why I Love Southwest

Southwest does flying right, from their marketing and messaging to execution and follow up they stick to one rule that I feel most other airlines fail to consider.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated.  The old golden rule should be seen more in business than anywhere, yet it seems as companies […]

Social Media for Broadcast Media Buyers

Met with a potential new client yesterday for dinner, and ran through a quick bout of education that I seem to run through with anyone who is familair with more traditional media but have only recently become aware of social media.  Everyone has heard of MySpace and FaceBook, and many believe if they use only […]

Contextual Ads Reach A New Level

Couldn’t help but post about this. A few days ago the Guardian had an article about two Dunkin Donuts in Buffalo NY which are using facial recognition software to analyze their clientele and serve contextual advertising to them based on their demographic appeal, and possible current or past purchases. The article mentions Minority Report and […]

EA, DRM, And The Evolving Concept Of Ownership

The recent controversy with EA and its DRM with highly anticipated Spore and Red Alert 3 illustrate a much larger situation facing society as a whole than the simple battle between user satisfaction and freedom vs piracy and theft. It is a manifestation of the fact that the concept of ownership as we know […]