First Lunch Post On The Way

The first lunch post is coming up – admittedly takes a bit more time to write up than I originally expected.  Not to mention I’ll want to review it at least once to make sure its more readable than me simply reporting our lunch conversation in the equivilent of a monotenous tone.  The first lunch […]

First Lunch Today!

So, today is the day of the first Lunch A Day lunch.  There are quite a few more schedule, and frankly it is a bit more difficult to schedule these lunches around work than I’d expected, so the schedule may be a little less frequent than originally hoped.  None the less, first one today! Also, there […]

Lunch A Day on 106.7 WJFK with the Junkies

As you may have heard, Lunch A Day was brought up on the Junkies this morning on WJFK here in DC.  I used to work with those guys while I was at CBS and still keep in touch with a lot of people there, including JP Flaim.  I didn’t expect him to bring it up […]

The Questions

So we’re looking at the turn of the year for our actual launch, but we have the opening questions prepared.  I’m taking a page from my fraternity’s book.  To get to know the older brothers we would have a handful of interviews each week, and use a few basic questions to get the conversation rolling.  […]

Here we go!

If you’d like to know what Lunch A Day is all about, please click here.  Essentially I plan to take someone to lunch, as frequently as possible, and listen to their advice.  It may be on work and careers, love, life, sports, whatever knowledge they care to impart.  This site will stand as a long […]