John's finger hovered over the grimy mouse button, illuminated by nothing more than the glow of the monitor and a beam of moonlight that shone through the dirty flaking window. John glanced around the dingy motel room that contained what was left of his life... a stained mattress resting haphazardly on a broken frame, a nightstand that was likely fished ... Read More

A Case Against Birthdays

I’m terrible with Birthdays, I always have been. I forget to call, I forget to write.  It isn’t that I don’t care about you. It’s that I don’t care about Birthdays. Your Birthday is meant to be a celebration of your life.  And if we still lived in a time where you’d have to ford three rivers, repair a broken axle, hunt … Read More

RIP Great Granda Highberger

On Sunday my Great Grandfather, James William Highberger, or Grandpa Highberger as I called him, passed away.  While a man’s life isn’t measured in years, I think most people would consider 91 Years a very good run.  As for the more important measure, the legacy he leaves behind, I think he would be proud. He lived in his home until … Read More